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Silas Solutions

For children and adults with autism, trying to navigate social environments and conversation can feel like being a fish out of water! Silas Solutions, already a successful and growing edTech startup with 2D avatar animations (see the video above), reached out to us to push their product to the edge of technology. Our task, funded in part by the National Science Foundation, was to build a friendly and immersive VR world, where two kids could inhabit the space simultaneously through their HMDs, and communicate using 3D avatars. Each student controls their own avatar, but can still see their friend. Students assign emotions through their gamepads, which then prompt their avatar to show that emotion. They can have conversations and practice using the emotions that go along with that... all under the guidance of a teacher, who can watch the interaction unfolding via the server-connected laptop.

The Luna Park Project

Let's travel back in time... to Coney Island's Luna Park, circa 1905. Edison's electric light bulb was the star attraction of this dazzling park, and the buildings were covered in them! Each structure is being painstakingly recreated in historic detail, with specular maps to be used for the thousands of tiny electric lights covering all the buildings. 360 degree sound completes the effect, with historic crackling phonograph music playing along with ocean sounds. We partnered with The Great Fredini, for this project, which is part of a TED NYC residency... and are working together to  bring this important part of entertainment history to life!

TEDx Asbury Park: Cinema 360

TEDxAsburyPark featured Cinema 360, a virtual reality gallery of identity-themed TEDx Talks from around the world. Produced and sponsored by in partnership with By & Large, this immersive VR gallery allowed TEDxAsburyPark to provide a truly innovative experience for attendees.

Jolt Communications demo

Jolt Communications was looking for a way to bring added value to clients' existing mechanism of action artwork and animations. VR is the perfect medium for looking at things from a fresh perspective.

Candy Squad

After opening yet another bag of his favorite candy.  Blip, popped just one too many EXTREME ENERGY SUGAR WISPS.  After lapsing into a sugar coma.  Something very odd began to happen... He now finds himself at the center of a magical candy island. He befriends the marshmallow children, and the energy wisps that power the rock candy.

But the Chomps are invading! They have come to snack on the great rock candy, the source of life for all the creatures of Candy Island. If Blip doesn't stop them, ALL SHALL PERISH

Kohler: Believing in Better

Kohler has factories all over the world, and they needed to get important information across to their employees, in order to encourage sustainability and waste reduction. We created a short, fun & upbeat video, and handled the numerous language translations needed to customize it for each audience. Animation is a great way to encourage learning , because pairing punchy visuals with good music and movement grabs attention, and ensures that the message is going to stick.

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